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Some Israelis are dismayed at the West's hesitation in attacking Syria by Jay Knott (09/03/13)       ⇌ (Israel and the US)       

Look at this. Chutzpah on steroids:

`The government did not comment officially on Obama's decision to seek the support of Congress for an attack on President Bashar al-Assad's regime, but some Israelis expressed dismay or even outrage, concluding that the US could no longer be trusted to defend red lines in relation to Iran's nuclear programme."The American hesitance, and the rest of the world's hypocrisy confirms the concern that when it comes to maintaining its security, Israel should not trust others and their promises, but must be prepared to protect its own security interests," said Avi Wortzman, the deputy education minister.Writing on his Facebook page before Obama's statement, the economics and trade minister Naftali Bennett said:

"The international stuttering and hesitancy on Syria just proves once more that Israel cannot count on anyone but itself. From Munich 1938 to Damascus 2013 nothing has changed. This is the lesson we ought to learn from the events in Syria."For the military analyst Alex Fishman, writing in Yedioth Ahronoth, the lesson was similar: "If we find ourselves in a crisis with Iran, no one in the world is going to be prepared to move a single plane on our behalf. At best, we'll receive verbal support."`



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