Six countries attempt to have Russian crimes equated with German ones by Jay Knott (12/21/10)       ⇌ (David Irving Meeting)       

'Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic said communist crimes "should be  treated according to the same standards" as those of Nazi regimes, notably in those countries with Holocaust denial laws.'

There should be no laws against denying anything. But its interesting that the representatives of these countries want to equate Russian war crimes with German ones. All that is needed is to use the same standard to judge British and American bombing raids, and the truth will be out. This will cause the collapse of the Allied version of World War II - 'we' were the good guys. The Allied countries can take it. It's Zionism which has most to lose from the proposal to treat murdering Germans and Bulgarians as equivalent to murdering Jews and Russians, in other words, to reject racism.


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