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Rogue LAPD cop's manifesto by Jay Knott (02/11/13)       ⇌ (Police brutality)       

It's coherent and plausible: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2013/02/07/18731591.php. It looks like he turned against the force because they cover up brutality.

The saga continues (Feb 12). The media say he's killed another ex-colleague, and is holed up in a cabin in the San Bernadino mountains, which are having a real winter this year. You might expect Los Angeles Indymedia to say a lot, but all they've managed is this:


This is much better. An old cliché finds another application:


The above article is written by a stripper. From Wales. 

Another leftist cliché is applied to the Dorner case - 'blowback':


Another brilliant article in Counterpunch:


I suspect brutality is much more of an issue than racism.


Officials have admitted "tear gas may have inflamed cabin". At the time of the Waco massacre, in Texas in 1993, in which seventy-six people died, politicians said the FBI and the BATF firing tear gas into the "compound" could not have caused the fire - the inhabitants must have started it themselves.

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How out of touch the ultra left is (02/20/13) by Jay Knott: I was searching for comments about Christopher Dorner, and I came across an ultra-leftist group in Britain. What they say about Dorner isn't too bad, but here is their analysis of recent events in Palestine: "Against Israeli...