Reply to Michael WIlliams of the Eugene AHTF by dawn (01/18/10)       ⇌ (Michael Williams says ...)       

Pacifica Forum has started to attract some attention: I have been a participant (not 'member' - we don't have members) for many years.

Williams has acted as DisInformation Central for the jewish-activist groups for many years. He 'HAS TO' DISTORT and misrepresent the Forum; his whole identity (and reputation) hinges on his success in the AHTF/$PLC's "Target Pacifica" Campaign. His "opinions" have been the basis of each attempt to discredit our political discussion group--the Folks at CALC admitted as much. His above post OOZES with slime and inaccuracies, yet when compared with the Truth, provides much insight into how the Lobby operates.

- Dawn

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