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Reply to D regarding MLK Forum Accusations by dawn (01/18/10)       ⇌ (A message from D)       

Update, February 11: apparently, Dawn's pleas failed to move the valley girl organizing the protests against freedom on campus. She explains why: 'I confront people when they say things like "thats so gay"...'. Political correctness: beyond parody.

Reply to D's post http://pacificaforum.org/posts/59

Dear D,

Missing from CJ's Commentator piece was the fact that for many years in a row, we'd offered presentations touting MLK and his contributions to society, on or around this date.

But (as was explained at that meeting) Orval is aware of the Hidden History regarding this era, and he agreed to host a rendition of the darker side of the King story, provided he was able to first recite his telling of first-hand impressions of those times. Hence the provocative title.

The first 45 minutes of this Forum, were dedicated to honoring King. The next 20 or so, were delivered by Jimmy, based on Valdas' research of information released in the early 90's, when the Soviet archives were opened.

The remaining few minutes were Q&A, and ALL of us understood that the "report" was somewhat volatile, but were able to discuss our various impressions, as adults.

Many who were present at that Forum, provided FIRST HAND insights, including members of the Jewish Community, who worked in the Civil Rights Movement. People were not offended, given the context of the whole. It even ran on CTV and they did not receive any complaints.

CJ's rendition is deliberately mocking and incomplete. It is "a blog" after all. But this is also the same time period when MW recognized the utility of encouraging the Commentator to accept his false rendition of what actually took place at that MLK forum. (Posted at the next commentator entry on PF, I believe.)

Michael William’s widely bellowed rendition of what went on in that Forum are provable inaccurate.

Following the slime trail of how the CALC-group used Michael Williams' FALSE CLAIMS, in order to incite folks, far and wide, against the Pacifica Forum is very revealing.

You don't know who it is you are working for, via your well-meaning efforts. You're on the wrong side.

Always happy to offer clarity, D.

Please consider verifying my telling, and then spread the (correct) word. I bet you'll be good at that.

- Dawn

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