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Leninology - no logic allowed by Jay Knott (03/19/13)       ⇌ (Anti-anti-fascism)       

Here is a comment on a recent article on Richard Seymour's "Leninology" blog:

""The Independent's front-page some years ago highlighted the incidence of 'honour' attacks, blaming Muslim men for a spate of violence against women. In doing so, it actually drastically underestimated the scale of domestic violence in Britain." Why did it do that? If the newspaper's highlighted a spate of racist attacks by white racists, would that drastically underestimate the scale of racist attacks by non-white groups? Pointing to one problem does not underestimate other problems."" - http://tinyurl.com/dyouxjg

Notice that this comment is about logic. Seymour's claim that the media drastically underestimated non-Muslim domestic violence, because it reported on Muslim honour killings, is illogical. The commenter points out that reporting on one thing does not underestimate another. Seymour's reaction - misunderstanding the argument, getting angry, and banning the commenter, is typical. 

As I say in my new article about political correctness, "anti-racists" 

"cannot listen to criticisms of their theory, for they consider this critique itself racist" - 




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