A "kangaroo court" which is too fair to the defendant - according to the Guardian by Jay Knott (03/09/13)       ⇌ (Crisis in the Socialist Workers Party)       

"She felt that if she'd gone to the authorities, she would have be expelled from the party, because of the SWP's hostility to the police. "If you go to the police you get kicked out automatically," she said."

Socialist Workers Party leadership under fire over rape kangaroo court


Normally, a kangaroo court is one which is unfair to the defendant. In this case, it means a court which the accusers think is too fair to the defendant.

The Guardian, like most of the SWP's critics, and many p.c. idiots within it, imply, without really thinking it through, that uniquely, in sex cases, the burden of proof should rest on the accused.

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