Why are the Western countries so biased against Serbia? by Jay Knott (11/16/12)       ⇌ (Yugoslavia)       

During the wars (1991-1999) which led to the breakup of Yugoslavia, the Western countries followed Germany's lead and supported Germany's world war II allies against the USA's wartime ally. For example, they supported Croatia against Serbia. The media were full of stories about Serbian atrocities, and far less about the comparable crimes of Croatia and Muslim militias in Bosnia and Kosovo. The international courts too showed a similar lack of balance. Two Croatian generals have just been freed, while their Serbian counterparts rot in jail:


It's difficult to explain this bias. Serbia may have committed more crimes than its opponents, but that's because it had the biggest army. Since when has that been a criterion? The West doesn't support the weaker side in the Israel-Palestine conflict, so why in Yugoslavia? 


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