But... Terry found guilty of racism by football authorities by Jay Knott (10/11/12)       ⇌ (Football)       

Having been cleared by the criminal justice system, John Terry was convicted by the Football Association of 'racially abusing' Anton Ferdinand. It's called 'double jeopardy' (being tried twice for the same allegation).  


It is not clear whether Terry called Ferdinand a combination of a sexist and a racist word *, or whether he asked Ferdinand if he (Ferdinand) accused him (Terry) of using those words. Follow? Since we don't know, we have to take Terry's word for it that he is innocent. 

The Football Association listens to the advice of a bunch of anti-racist thought pigs called 'Kick it Out'. If they had their way, Tottenham fans would be jailed for using the 'Y-word' about themselves!

* I won't write the words. Clue: Venus and Serena Williams have one each.


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