Tyler Clementi & Mr.MB by Oregonbrat (06/27/12)       ⇌ (Exaggeration of Hate Crimes)       

The gay community needed a linching party for Clementi's suicide, so they went after Ravi for pulling a dorm room prank. When in FACT Tyler had a history of depression, and had talked of suicide way before he met Ravi. Tyler also was completely rejected by his mother when he told her he was gay, a few weeks before he killed himself. Tyler Clementi was so deperate for love that he found an older man "lover" on the gay porno website justusboys.com. What I would like to know is where were Ravi's rights, why didn't Rutgers prevent Dharun Ravi from being subjected to three night in a row to leave his room so Tyler could have sex with an older man he met on the internet off a porno site? AND an ever bigger question is: Why was MB (the porno site guy) made out to be a victim! He's a predator!

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