Is there anything about Islamic culture which could encourage crimes against young girls? by Jay Knott (05/18/12)       ⇌ (Gilad)

Nine Asian men have been convicted in Rochdale, Yorkshire, England, of organizing under-age sex with non-Muslim girls. Another nine have been arrested. Various commenters, including some Muslims, have argued that race and religion are factors.

I argued this on a left-wing website, and got banned for it (among other thought crimes). 

It's really not that mysterious. Conservative cultures insist on virginity before marriage. Girls adhere to this rule. Young men want it, and can't get it within their culture. Furthermore, they regard girls from cultures which don't follow the rule as, well, easy. They don't respect them, so they are more likely to exploit them. 

The leftist response to this is to produce dozens of examples of violence against, and exploitation of, women and girls, within Western societies. But these examples contribute nothing to answering the question: does Islamic culture encourage sex crime in Western societies?

It's not just Muslims. I encountered it in Greece and Guatemala. It's conservatism. 


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