Man arrested for offensive tweet about critically ill footballer by Jay Knott (03/19/12)       ⇌ (Irony)       

Fabrice Muamba collapsed at White Hart Lane on St. Patrick's day. He is in critical condition. It shows what professional athletics is like - footballers are forced to work out more than is good for them - they're too fit.

Anyway, such is the wave of sentimental hysteria which greeted this accident, someone has been arrested for posting an offensive message on Twitter. Since Muamba is Congolese, naturally, the police and the media say it's racially offensive. Judge for yourself:

 "LOL. F*** Muamba. He's dead!!! #haha."

It's offensive, obviously. Sick, horrible, uncalled-for - all of the above. And it's not even true. But how is it a crime? In Britain, you can be arrrested for saying anything offensive about a black person, even if it contains nothing racist at all! The country's going to the dogs, I tell you.

CORRECTION March 20 - according to newspaper reports, the defendant posted numerous other tweets which did contain racist remarks. I'll take their word for this, as I'm not going looking for them. However, it should not be an imprisonable offence. It wouldn't be in the USA.

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