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Does Gilad Atzmon 'divide' the Palestine solidarity movement? by Jay Knott (03/03/12)       ⇌ (Gilad)       



In the first place, what movement? The British branch of Palestine Solidarity has just expelled a bunch of people for their views on the scale of Nazi persecution during World War II, as if Palestine solidarity is about not offending Jews, rather than helping Palestinians. The American 'movement' is similarly Stalinized, with Jewish anti-Zionists like Medea Benjamin and Philip Weiss keeping things nice and pc.


The above post, by an obsessive anti-Atzmonite, who even tries to stop Atzmon's jazz concerts as well as his political meetings, claims that he 'divides' the campaign for boycotts, sanctions and divestment from the apartheid state. This reminds me of a headline in a left-liberal weekly I once saw about an anarchist molotov cocktail attack on a Starbucks (at night, when there was no danger to anyone). It said the attack 'divided the community'. A lot of liberals are not so anti-Starbucks they would burn it down, whereas some are. (Anarchists are basically violent liberals).

There was a disagreement. Each side was as divisive as the other. It's the same with Atzmon.


Here's another thing. The Atzmon Defamation League statement in the link above says that saying "that Zionism & Palestinian oppression could be explained by ‘Jewish culture’ was about as helpful as looking to Afrikaaner culture for an explanation of Apartheid". I agree. The view of major sections of Judaism that Jews are superior to other people is similar to the Dutch Reformed Church's belief that white people were created to be rule over blacks. If it's not culture, what is it? Genes? I bet these anti-Atzmon types wouldn't want to speculate along those lines...


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