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There's more than one rogues' gallery by Jay Knott (02/17/12)       ⇌ (@jayn0t)       

I'm glad you agree with the one-state solution. This means you are not a Zionist. But you still have the remnants of a Jewish tribal viewpoint: "Anti-Semitism, unlike most other kinds of prejudice, has an enormous and quite recent body count", you claim. Not so. Anti-semitism is not at all unique in that respect. Anti-Germanism, Christophobia and other forms of hate also have enormous and quite recent body counts, and, unlike white nationalism, Jewish prejudices are continuing to kill people today. It's not the white nationalist right who are pushing America to attack Iran.

I'm saying that holocaust denial does not lead logically to anti-semitism. You say that it does, because there is a statistical correlation between the two.

I can only find three flaws in your argument:

Your premises are false, your conclusions are false, and your conclusions do not follow from your premises.

You argue that almost all holocaust deniers are extreme white nationalists. In fact, most holocaust deniers in the world are Muslims. Of the remainder, some are liberal humanists, leftists, and all sorts of things. Francis Clark-Lowes and other writers have become unconvinced of the holocaust because they don't trust the people who promote it, not because they believe in collective ethnic responsibility:

"If I deny that the world is flat, I do so not because I happen to have travelled round the world, and never reached its edge, but because scientists all insist the world is round. In other words I trust them. I don’t trust the people who have told us about the ‘Holocaust‘":


But even if the only holocaust deniers in the world were a bunch of neo-Nazis in a trailer park, it would not follow that holocaust denial logically leads to anti-semitism. Francis might be more logical than these boneheads.

Finally, even if that were true, it would have no bearing at all on the facts of the holocaust.

If affirming the holocaust could be derived from the alleged obnoxiousness of the politics of holocaust deniers, one could equally derive holocaust denial from the homicidal beliefs of the most important holocaust affirmers.

Wiesel and Wiesenthal and dozens of other professional holocaust survivors are pathological liars, as well as racialist hatemongers. But unlike the Zundels, they have power.

Even Raul Hilberg's celebrated 'Destruction of the European Jews' has flaws: unsubstantiated accounts of children being thrown into fiery pits by the Nazis, for example. He, too, had a chip on his shoulder, and is subject to revision.
That's how history works.  

You can find articles by Ingrid Zundel on the site "Veterans Today", which bravely gave Zundel a platform, where she explained her family's experiences at the hands of the Red Army. We hear enough about 'the' holocaust, but not about 'the other holocaust'. A balanced view of World War II is an important part of undermining the only major form of racial oppression left in the Western world - Zionism. I've been saying this for a long time.

It's satisfying to see the gradual emergence of an international tendency which defends this viewpoint.

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