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'Played' the role of victims? by Jay Knott (10/16/11)       ⇌ (@jayn0t)       

You've noticed the role of guilt in politics. It's amazing (particularly to someone raised in the 'materialist conception of history') that such emotions can affect the supposedly hard-headed rulers of the 'imperialist' countries, but it's true. It's a much better explanation of support for that dude in Rwanda, other examples, and top of the pile, Israel, than the convoluted attempts of Marxists to squeeze the facts into their theory. So we need to get rid of guilt.

This looks like a bit of a Freudian slip:

"Jews have largely played the role of victims in history"

- do you mean Jews have largely been victims in history? So we are continually told. This doesn't make it true.

"I don't think you can truly underestimate the effect the Holocaust had, both inside and outside Jewish culture and society"

The effect 'the' holocaust, and all holocausts, had, is socially constructed, not given. It's how holocausts are used that matters. 'The' holocaust ™ has been used for various purposes. Immediately after the war, it was used to distract attention from the war crimes of the allies. Then it went into relative disuse. Since approximately 1967, it has been increasingly used to reinforce the idea of Jews as victims and to blackmail the West into supporting the destruction of the Palestinian people. It's rammed down our throats 24/7. Therefore, Palestine solidarity includes the defense of the freedom of speech of holocaust revisionists.


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