Further reply to 'aemathisphd' by Jay Knott (10/15/11)       ⇌ (@jayn0t)       

Aemathisphd asks:

"If what you're saying is that Palestinian militants need to embrace their anti-Semitism in the same manner that some ANC types embraced their hatred of all white people, regardless of their political orientation, because it frees their hand in struggling for national liberation, then I still disagree, but at least I can see your point."

No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm not saying anything about what Palestinians need to 'embrace'.

All I'm saying is the contrast between the attitude toward white Europeans and toward Jews in the West in powerful movements - and governments - since World War II shows a blatant discrimination in favor of Jews, and that is why white apartheid was defeated, while Jewish apartheid is still supported to the hilt. And that the 'anti-racist' left's continuation of this discrimination makes it a tool of Jewish supremacy.

This argument doesn't even say white apartheid was bad (though I think that it was!). I'm talking about logic. Science advances by finding anomalies. The contrast between the treatment of Jewish and white supremacy is an anomaly in the standard view of racism within Western civilization.


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