England qualify - anti-fascists go on the attack by Jay Knott (10/17/13)       ⇌ (The race card)       

England has just qualified for the world cup, and the anti-hate brigade still find something to criticize in the coach - he used the phrase 'space monkey'. Notice that black players don't think it's offensive - it's professional shit-stirrers who are the problem.


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Another ridiculous claim of "racism" (10/20/13) by Jay Knott:


The police decided it was a 'hate incident' but not a 'hate crime'.

Mandatory 'race appreciation' training (10/19/13) by Jay Knott: The UK's Black Lawyers Association is reminiscent of similar people in the USA. Politically-correct fanatics, not all of them black or Jewish, manipulate white guilt to undermine solidarity, make people unemployed etc. for...