'Veterans Today' exposes anti-fascist provocateurs by Jay Knott (06/12/11)       ⇌ (The left's inadequacy versus Zionism)       

'Veterans Today' is one of several sources which supports Palestinian rights as well as the American armed forces - they say, in effect, it's OK for the USA to murder people in foreign countries, as long as it's not being done for Israel.

This article by the editor, Gordon Duff, explains how Zionists invent neo-Nazis to make people think there is more racism in America than there really is.


Unfortunately, it spoils what appears to be solid research into Anti-Defamation League provocateurs by throwing in elementary journalistic errors, the opinion that George Bush was little different from Hitler, and a predictable array of idiotic conspiracy theories, with '9/11 was an inside job' the cherry on the icing.


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