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Humor, Arsenal, and the American left by Jay Knott (04/02/11)       ⇌ (David Irving Meeting)       

Arsenal supporters sued their own club for allowing 'anti-semitic' singing aimed at their great rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.


Den Haag and Ajax in Holland have a similar rivalry, with the Den Haag fans cheerfully referring to the delights of the Nazi occupation, and the Ajax fans giving back as good as they get.

Here's an entertaining article, on a far-right American website, which understands this:


A Muslim Palestinian blogger comments on the site, and one of the other commentators politely discourages him: 'this is a white nationalist website'. But the moderators don't ban him: these 'fascists' are more open-minded than, say, Indymedia.

This video shows Britain combining the worst aspects of Europe and the USA: government control of speech combined with a complete lack of proportion.


'Kick Racism out of Football' sounds like a laudable aim. But people who don't understand football shouldn't be telling its supporters what they can say - it's particularly galling that Gary Lineker, who does understand football, sold out to the p.c. mob.

Talking of ex-Tottenham players selling out, the case of Afro-Caribbean footballer Sol Campbell is apropos. In 2001, he switched from Tottenham to Arsenal. He was Tottenham's top player and captain, and his betrayal helped Arsenal win the league. Tottenham fans' hatred of Cambell is so intense, some of them have been imprisoned for singing hateful songs in his direction.

I am not trying to justify these fans' behavior. I am trying to make a subtle point about how the songs are misunderstood. My difficulty is increased by the fact that I don't want to write the words of the songs here - if the reader really wants to, he or she can find them online. The point is, the fans were imprisoned for homophobia and racism. And yes, the songs mention Sol's ethnicity and alleged sexual orientation.

If the fans were racist, they would shout at other black players as much as Campbell. But they don't. This shows they are not racist. What about the 'anti-gay' aspect? The only reason they mention it is because they are drawing an analogy between prostitution and switching clubs for money. If Sol really were a member of the oldest profession, he would probably be a representative of its homosexual branch. The songs are offensive to sex workers in general, not gay ones in particular. Manchester United fans called Wayne Rooney a whore just for thinking about moving across the city. He didn't.

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