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British gypsies play the race card by Jay Knott (04/02/11)       ⇌ (The race card)       


Americans are used to the 'race card'. Black politicians such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson always take the side of an African-American in a complaint against others. If it subsequently turns out, as it often does, that the plaintiff made it all up, they keep quiet and wait for the next alleged racist incident.

Though Sharpton and Jackson are ostensibly against racial oppression, whereas supporters of Israel are in favor of it, there is a connection between their use of the race card and the power of Zionism in the USA.

It is difficult to challenge Jewish manipulation of the US political system in favor of funding for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, because organisations such as the Anti-Defamation League say that opposition to Zionism is a form of anti-semitism, and it works. Even the president has to apologise if he is falsely accused of anti-semitism.

The race card works because of white guilt. I argue that losing that guilt would not only be good for exposing fake hate crimes, but would help the Palestinians too. Imagine if we just stopped caring about allegations of 'racism'.

In Britain and other parts of Europe, gypsies, or 'travellers', can be a nuisance. They take over private or public land and trash it. When farmers prevent residents from using public rights of way, liberal organisations are quick to protest. When travellers do it, political correctness gets in the way.

Gypsy leaders have become adept at manipulating white guilt. Here, a newspaper reports, without criticism, a gypsy leader claiming

"I don't think that the situation in the UK has changed much since the 1960s – those 'No blacks, no dogs, no Gypsies signs' are not very far away":


The truth is exactly the opposite.

I was barred from arguing this on http://leninology.blogspot.com, a left-wing site, and was accused of 'Romaphobia'.

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