What are the priorities of anti-fascists? by Jay Knott (03/29/11)       ⇌ (David Irving Meeting)       

I just read one of David Irving's blog posts. I think he is wrong to disapprove of black immigration into Britain. He makes a remark about president Obama which I won't repeat. This is why his opponents claim he is a 'Nazi' and advocate 'assault' against anyone who wants to listen to him. They don't notice that he calls Guantánamo Bay an illegal prison, and denounces US wars against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. They are not interested in my report of the talk in Eugene when he asked 'when are the victims of Hiroshima and Hanoi going to get compensation, along with Holocaust survivors?'.

So why do anti-fascists emphasize negative right-wing opinions about race and immigration and ignore positive liberal attitudes toward massacres in the Middle East and elsewhere? Is the simplest explanation because both of these perspectives, right and left, tend to undermine Jewish power?

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