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More Islamophobia, and more inadequate leftist resistance by Jay Knott (03/08/11)       ⇌ (Zionist opposition to freedom of speech)       

The right is anti-Muslim, and the left doesn't like Christians, but no-one dare criticize Jews.

Congressman Peter King is holding an investigation into American Muslims, in case any of them are turning unpatriotic and planning to blow things up. The left has responded predictably, with shouts of 'McCarthyism', and calls to investigate Christian terrorists too. A protest in Times Square led by 'rabbis, priests and imams' (leftists in America have no problem with religious leaders) claimed that 'white supremacists' have 'carried out fatal attacks in recent months'. That's a ridiculous argument - the Republicans can easily respond that Muslim extremists are a much bigger threat. After the Oklahoma bombing of 1995, the left said, in effect, "see - the main threat of terrorism isn't from Muslims, but from white men with short haircuts". But that was before September 11th.. With opponents like these pathetic liberals, Islamophobes don't need friends.

Another dumb argument used against Congressman King is that he used to support the IRA. But the IRA didn't kill Americans: http://www.economist.com/node/18332766?story_id=18332766&fsrc=rss

BTW, I often post on this blog - http://islamtodayoregon.blogspot.com/ - at least they allow me to answer their Islamophobic drivel


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