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I thought Romaphobia was Protestantism til I discovered "Lenin's Tomb" by Jay Knott (01/09/11)       ⇌ (Israel and the US)       


and other sites I have been barred from:





With the last four, the reason I was banned was Zionism, pure and simple. I referred to the Israeli Defense Forces as 'baby-killing Jews'. Truth is not as important to the Zionist left as political correctness.

With the first, Lenin's Tomb, the reasons are more complicated, and I'm genuinely disappointed

It's because I said something the site's moderators thought was Romaphobic:


In general, right-wing blogs and the 'corporate media' are more open to debate than the left

I have more luck posting criticisms of Islamophobia in the National Post of Canada than mildly questioning mindless anti-racism on Lenin's Tomb

There are honorable exceptions: http://dissidentvoice.org and http://palestinethinktank.com are mostly leftist, and have been very open to some challenging arguments about race, class, anti-fascism and such

I've also had comments deleted from http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree for mentioning "Hollywood's insignificant Zionist community" and doubting the wisdom of Britain's declaration of war in 1939. But it's surprising how many right-wing sites, including Zionist and Islamophobic ones, allow fierce debate.

On February 2nd, 2011, at a crucial point in the Egyptian uprising, if you google 'Egypt', you get the Wikipedia page on the country of Egypt at the top. Google gives Wikipedia special rights.


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