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The American Freedom Defense Initiative parodies political correctness by Jay Knott (12/31/10)       ⇌ (Register Guard - Jan 23)       

When I first read this, in the Eugene Weekly, I thought "OMG, another bunch of knuckledragging, Koran-burning rednecks". Then I realized I was being ironically challenged. The 'American Freedom Defense Initiative' backs Barry Sommer's attempt to teach his, um, critical view of Islam at the community college in Eugene, Oregon:

"LCC dropped Sommer’s course after pressure from the Hamas-linked Islamic supremacist hate group the Council on American-Islamic Relations. We call on Lane Community College to repudiate CAIR and institute mandatory counter-jihad sensitivity training for all students, faculty and employees."


'Supremacist hate group'. 'Call on'. 'Sensitivity training'. Yes, it's a parody of political correctness.

It's outrageous to call CAIR a 'supremacist hate group', but it's outrageous to call ANYTHING names like that. There should be no 'counter-jihad sensitivity training' - there should be no sensitivity training at all.

A smart leftist response to this would be to admit that these right-wing Islamophobe warmongers have made a good point. Agree that shouting 'hate group' at anything is wrong, and that there aren't any 'supremacists'. Someone I know in Portland has been told to 'unlearn racism sexism homophobia able-ism class-ism patriarchy heterosexism and other forms of oppression' or get fired. Another friend in San Francisco is being sued for 'transphobia'.

I said a 'smart leftist response'. But it's not going to happen. Leftists will continue to shout 'white supremacist' at arguments like the one you are reading, while maintaining that only they - and their Zionist friends - are allowed to use this kind of 'reasoning'. Only they should be allowed to censor ideas they don't like.

I've made the same mistake - using the term 'Jewish supremacist hate group' to describe the Anti-Defamation League. I've tried to use political correctness to undermine Zionism. But there is no point in calling Zionists 'racist'. A much more effective argument is "OK, you defend your ethnic interests, and I'll defend mine". That shuts them up.

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