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The Oregon Free Speech Lab by Jay Knott (12/19/10)       ⇌ (Register Guard - Jan 23)       

I've changed my mind - I support Sommer's attempt to teach Islamophobia at the community college in Eugene - not that my opinion is going to make any difference. One should oppose political correctness in the education industry, whatever one thinks of the politics being corrected. You should be able to teach anything from queer studies to the idea that Jews are trying to abolish the white race - that's freedom.


`CTV29 Comcast (channel 29) is where you find not only "Islam Today" but also the new free speech, politically incorrect talk show called "Oregon Uncensored", presented by the Oregon Free Speech Lab of Eugene. Every Monday and Wednesday at 9:30, immediately following "Islam Today", Valdas Anelauskas, Billy Rojas and myself, Barry Sommer get together for a round table discussion of virtually everything. It is Fox and Friends, but with a wicked twist. Politically incorrect, brutally honest and a breath of fresh air in a world gone stale and conformist. Watch "Oregon Uncensored" and you will never see the world the same again`.

The 'Pacifica Three' are entitled to get together and diss Islam, but 'uncensored' seems a bit of a stretch. If there is one thing that is not in danger of being censored in America right now, it's Koran-bashing!

Here's what I posted at the Register Guard (Eugene newspaper):

Initially, hearing about the community college's refusal to let Barry Sommer teach, I thought it was right - I think Zionism and Islamophobia, both of which Sommer supports, are the most powerful forms of oppression today. But then, reading all the comments about 'hate-mongers like Sommer' I was reminded why I supported U of O Pacifica Forum's freedom in the first place. Jeff Siddiqui is making a big mistake in trying to scare us by raising the spectre of the KKK. That's not the issue. Look what happened at the university - academics and administrators are total wimps, unable to stand up to Zio-lefty intimidation. We have to force them to do it.

Unlike Sommer, most Zionists oppose freedom of speech - whether a Palestinian perspective or the overt defence of a white European narrative. Their anarchist poodles, who disrupted Pacifica meetings, could see no contradiction in supporting Jewish racial supremacists. Even the governor attacked freedom in a speech about 'civil rights'. I totally disagree with Barry, but he should be allowed to teach. No concessions should be made to political correctness in higher educatio


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