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A reply by debbie_m (03/26/10)       ⇌ (Israel and the US)       

Why is it anti-semitic to criticize Israel, but not any other country or people ? What is anti-semitic about criticizing Israel's belligerent and arrogant behaviour towards its neighbours a defenseless people? 

Is it not time that the belligerent, violent, racist nation of Israel got a little of its own medicine? One very good reason, is their total disdain for any words of caution from world leaders, including the United States their staunchest ally, regarding the despicable Gaza attack and their intention to go ahead building the 1,600 new homes and other structures in East Jerusalem, confirming their position as an Apartheid state, not to mention—which I am about to—the fact that they have ignored more United Nations resolutions than any other nation on the face of the earth. Their constant threats and innuendo about Iran's nuclear plans is another very good reason, to criticize Israel, that calls itself a jewish State.

Please see:

Gaza in Plain Language (VIDEO)

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Israeli Apartheid and The Nakba

There comes a time to cry:

Halt! Enough! Stop what you are doing or we will stop you doing it.

I don't want another world war, anymore than the next person, but I'd rather have it on terms dictated by just about any nation other than Israel.

A stated policy of non-violence is the way to ensure that Israel continues to walk over everyone in their hob-nailed boots. What happens when they reach your door?

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