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Political correctness and the economic crisis in Europe by Jay Knott (12/22/11)       ⇌ (Ethnic Studies)       

I don't have a yen for economics, but I can see the dolorous state of the economy. The Euro project is in trouble, for reasons I don't understand. It might be something to do with having one currency, but many national banks.

Whatever the reason, European governments and pundits are spending more of their time flagellating themselves with white guilt than trying to work out a solution to the crisis. Every day, some new 'racism' scare hits the British media. People are being imprisoned for expressing harmless opinions, and even the football field is no refuge from the thought pigs.

Its illegal to deny the Nazi holocaust in France, a nation known for its logic. The trouble is, logic cuts both ways. If it's illegal to deny the Judeocide, shouldn't it be illegal to deny any genocide? Conversely, if its legal to question other massacres, surely it should be legal to question the German one?

To decide between these two equally logical conclusions takes common sense. The French republic was founded in an orgy of reason, unmoderated by sense, so, predictably, it's chosen the worst of the two choices - making denying other genocides illegal too. They've started by making it an imprisonable offence to deny that the massacre of Armenians by Turkish forces in 1915 was genocide. The Turkish government has cut off diplomatic relations in retaliation.

Turkey doesn't have Turkish guilt. China doesn't have Chinese guilt. Israel isn't about to apologize. Only northern Europeans have this weakness. But it can't go on forever.

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