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Oregon Patriots Against Sharia by Jay Knott (03/23/11)       ⇌ (Irony)       

No, really. Three former speakers at Pacifica Forum have formed an organization to protect Oregon against being turned into an Islamic state. Nothing like being ahead of the game:




Oregon Patriots Against Sharia


Fighting to keep Oregon free from the spread of sharia law


Official Press Release

March 22, 2011


OPAS announces the formation of Oregon ’s anti-sharia coalition.  OPAS is the foundation for anti-sharia legislation in Oregon .  OPAS is looking for all aspects of support and help in this cause: volunteers, financial aid, footwork and time, planning, logistics and all related activities which will enable OPAS to get a bill before the voters as soon as possible.  OPAS is looking for a politician willing to take on this important battle against sharia and stand for the Oregon constitution and the free people of our great state. 


Please direct all inquiries and offers of support to:




Defend the Oregon constitution.  Support OPAS


OPAS is supported by the Oregon Free Speech Lab which also supports “Oregon Uncensored” and “Islam Today” on CTV29 Comcast.  The Oregon Free Speech Lab was founded by Billy Rojas, Barry Sommer and Valdas Anelauskas in 2010.


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