Obama and the Lobby approve of the massacre of Muslims in Egypt... by Jay Knott (08/16/13)       ⇌ (Israel and the US)       

...obviously. Talk of Obama's 'lukewarm' response is either retarded or dishonest.

To be fair, some analysts argue that the USA has not been supportive enough of the murder of hundreds of unarmed civilians. The Jerusalem Post notes that

Some analysts argue that the Western nations are acting unwisely and letting emotions overcome their national interests, which lie with the pro-Western military regime, not Islamic radicals seeking to slither their way back into power.

Western nations should be grateful to the 'analysts' of the Jerusalem Post for pointing out to them their national interests, in not letting Islamic radicals 'slither' into power in Egypt.


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On the other hand, Obama has cut aid to Egypt in protest at clampdown, and Israelis are angry... (10/10/13) by Jay Knott: