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No to relativism! by Jay Knott (12/23/12)       ⇌ (Holocaust revisionism)       

There are many kinds of "Holocaust revisionism".

- Rewriting History (PDF) (1)

This is about "double genocide relativism".

"There is no reason not to commemorate the victims of those murdered in the name of communism but to do so at the expense of those the Nazis murdered is perverse as is the attempt to obscure the singularity of the Holocaust which differentiates it from the crimes perpetrated during the Soviet occupation." - Rewriting History (PDF), page 50 (1)

See if you can work your way through this logical minefield. It describes as 'perverse' the habit of privileging the victims of communism over the victims of Nazism - but is that what actually happens? Isn't it, rather, the other way round? "The" Holocaust means the Nazi holocaust - of all the crimes of world war II one is given a status greater than all the others put together.

Some Eastern European countries are adopting laws penalizing denying Soviet crimes in addition to laws against denying Nazi crimes. This 'equates' the crimes of the two great powers on the Eastern front.

I tend to agree with the anti-fascists that Stalin's crimes did not include genocide, whereas Hitler's did. For example, I don't believe the Soviet government's murder of millions of Ukrainians was driven by racial animus. But, like all complex and controversial historical facts, I think this is debatable. Hope not Hate wants to make sure it isn't - that's why they categorize the various forms of revisionism in Eastern Europe in language that suggests they are beyond the pale, rather than merely wrong.

"Eastern Europe was a bloodsoaked killing field during World War two, both for the Nazis and indigenous Jew-haters, and other assorted collaborators who expended considerable effort in deporting and exterminating their local Jewish populations."

Seeing the word 'both', I naively thought at first this sentence, on page 35, was going to lead to something like "terrible atrocities were committed on both sides". But no - Hope not Hate thinks atrocities against members of one ethnic group are intrinsically worse than others - 'both' just means "both Germans and local people murdered Jews in occupied countries".

This is true enough. But try saying "both Russians and Jews murdered local people in occupied countries". 

That's true too. But if you go round saying it, you will incur the wrath of the lobby. You will be "called out" or worse. You could lose your job. Even in the land of the free, you can incur penalties for revisionism, relativism, negationism (softcore and hardcore), minimization, banalization and trivializing.

Notice how circular their argument is. Above, I poke fun at the numerous categories of revisionism. This, I admit, is with the intention of trivializing the anti-fascists' arguments (1). I'm trivializing trivialization. This in itself is covered by one of the categories, and therefore, they want you to think, it must be dismissed out of hand. Not only is anti-fascism unfalsifiable, it even tries to immunize itself against sarcasm.

1. Rewriting History, David Williams, Hope not Hate: http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/shop/rewriting-history.pdf


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