Melinda Gates, Democracy and the Pope by Jay Knott (07/12/12)       ⇌ (Irony)       

Only in America... Bill Gates's missus is a Catholic. So why does she support birth control? 

"So many people try to polarise the issue," she says. "A total of 82 per cent of Catholics in the US believe contraception is morally acceptable, and I can see what a massive benefit it represents for women struggling to give their children opportunities that will lift them out of poverty."

Right. But the Pope says it's wrong. However, according to Melinda, he's outvoted by US Catholics. Who don't want to 'polarise the issue'. 

I once saw a woman at a womens' lib event in New York with a t-shirt which read 'Another Catholic for Choice'. 'Choice' is American for 'Abortion'. Though I sympathise with her conclusions, I can't quite see how they follow from her premises.


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