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Just in case anyone thought the French intervention in Mali had anything good about it... by Jay Knott (01/23/13)       ⇌ (Terrorism)       


A leading rights group accused Malian soldiers Wednesday of summary killings... reports emerged of atrocities committed by Malian soldiers and growing fears of attacks among light-skinned ethnic communities... the majority of the Al Qaeda-linked rebels being hunted by the armies are either Tuaregs or Arabs.

So the 'Al Qaeda' forces aren't quite what they seem. It's not quite as its been reported, poor south Malians being forced into Taliban-like servitude by a bunch of Muslim maniacs from around the world. Its at least to some extent poor north Malians resisting racial oppression by their southern countryment.

Truth is, we don't know what's going on. But the official story is as suspect as always.


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