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Jon Stewart retracts calling man who bombed Hiroshima a 'war criminal' by Jay Knott (05/06/09)       ⇌ (The Mass Psychology Pamphlet)       


This writer, Justin Raimondo, usually has something interesting to say, but today, he's excelled himself. He's not the only person in America who doesn't watch Jon Stewart's show - I've never seen it either. But almost everyone I know does, and they regard Stewart as a brilliant comedian and a major influence on politics - apparently his attack on Republican airhead Sarah Palin helped swing the election. Raimondo's article explains how Stewart called Harry Truman a war criminal for murdering hundreds of thousands of civilians - then retracted it under pressure!

On an unrelated note, the people remaking the 'Dambusters' movie about a bombing raid on Germany are having sleepless nights worrying about whether to reveal the fact that the commander's dog was called 'Nigger'. Not about the thousands of people killed in the raid.


I used to have a model of a Lancaster bomber hanging from my ceiling when I was young. Considering how much damage these planes caused, mostly to civilian targets, this is like a German boy having a model gas chamber.

Yet another unrelated note: Anthony Beevor's new book challenges the official story of D-Day - many French people did not see the invaders as 'liberators', mostly because of the bombing which had preceded the invasion.


He also withdrew the comment that the Americans were guilty of war crimes.

He's the guy from whom I got the information about the Russian assault on Berlin ( not for the faint-hearted ):


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