Is the Israel Lobby in Britain stronger than it is in the US? by Jay Knott (12/08/11)       ⇌ (Israel and the US)       

Laura Stuart, writing on Gilad Atzmon's site, seems to think so: "In America people are aware of the First Amendment and its inherent value for the notions of personal liberty and democracy. In Britain, it seems as if we are reaching the point of no return, we are living under the tyranny of Zionist lobbies".

I've begun to wonder myself. I tested this out by making provocative but true statements on British blogs, and getting banned. I asked lefties I know in England how they would react to listening to a holocaust revisionist speaker.

Perhaps Britain has become even more 'politically correct' than the US. 

But Gilad Atzmon uses the term 'Islamophobia' to refer to ideas he disagrees with. That's political correctness too. You should judge ideas on their explanatory power, not on the extent to which they give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

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