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I don't remember where I was when JFK was shot by Jay Knott (11/02/13)       ⇌ (Conspiracy 'theory')       

I loved Oliver Stone's movie "JFK", and at the time, believed that the president was probably shot by more than one assassin, thus that the official story is a conspiracy, therefore that some section of the state was involved in the murder. But even at the time, I could see Stone left several clues that he wasn't really trying to convince you of that. He enabled you to make up your own mind.

Here is a reporter who was in Dallas on that fateful day fifty years ago (somber music...) who doesn't see the subtlety of Stone's film:


According to this, Hugh Aynesworth has 'contempt' for Oliver Stone and other conspiracy-mongers. I think that's a bit harsh on Stone. It is a movie, not a documentary, and he has artistic license. It's first-rate entertainment. I could watch JFK's head exploding, and his wife trying to crawl over the limo toward him, over and over again. I laugh so much, MY head almost explodes.

Stone mixes together several types of film in various resolutions to cleverly illustrate how easy it is to create an illusion. In one shot, he shows Kennedy's body, then his successor, Lyndon Johnson, smirking, as if the smirk is related to the assassination. But Stone is being ironic - he's telling you how easy it is to link unrelated facts together to generate misleading theories.

Many years later, I saw a presentation by conspiracy 'theorist' Jim Fetzer on the assassination. Unlike Stone, Fetzer claims to be presenting the truth about JFK's death. In fact, he is deluded. Just as today there are still liberals who believe in Obama, in those days, it was Kennedy. Never mind that he started the Vietnam war, and came within an millimeter of starting world war three, and that only the insubordination of a Russian submarine commander saved the world - JFK was the great liberal hope.

The way Fetzer described saint JFK, I got the impression that he, Fetzer, wishes HE were Marylin Monroe or Jackie Kennedy. Why didn't Jackie complain about the CIA/Johnson/right-wing Cuban conspiracists who assassinated her husband, he asked, rhetorically? Because they would have 'got at' her children, he explained. Conspiracy pseudo-theories always have an answer - they can never be refuted. That's why they are not real theories.

There was no reason for the CIA to have assassinated JFK. 


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