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Humorless German Warncke by Jay Knott (05/13/10)       ⇌ (Irony)       

Here is an article by a German,

a. Hitler, and

b. Pacifica Forum


Salem News is a good site, run by a no-nonsense ex-Marine. It specialises in the Middle East, and appeals to a broad range of Americans, introducing them to the idea that the vast sums the USA sends to Israel is immoral and a waste of money. This particular article, though, trying to prove Ersun isn't a Nazi by calling for suppression of free speech, is not up to the usual standard.

First, the Hitler question:

"Hitler should have been beaten to death in the street like a rabid dog the first time he opened his mouth".

You wouldn't think a German today would have to prove he's not a Nazi, but Ersun wants us to be sure.

Secondly, Pacifica Forum:

"Pacifica Forum cannot be allowed to use the U of O campus for their meetings".

He does admit 'I did not attend the Pacifica Forum meeting, and so I am not sure what type of portrayal of Hitler was presented there. I do not know the personal views that individual Pacifica Forum members hold on Adolf Hitler'.

The answer is that Hitler has never been portrayed at a Forum, and the average Forum-goer holds a dim view of the Führer, and of most other politicians of the period. However, it is a free speech group, so there is no party line on the Hitler question.

Best of all, Ersun does not know that the 'Nazis' which were displayed at the top of the http://pacificaforum.org/posts page are from a Monty Python sketch!


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Salem News has been decent enough to publish my response (05/21/10) by Jay Knott: