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Helen Thomas 'corrects' her correct statement about Jewish-only roads by Jay Knott (03/19/11)       ⇌ (Israel and the US)       

Remember the Helen Thomas affair? Helen was a veteran White House reporter. One of her coups was to ask Obama if he knew of any country in the Middle East which has nuclear weapons. He prevaricated and bumbled - he couldn't even SAY he knows of Israel's nukes, a clear illustration of the relations of power in DC. Anyway, she allegedly said bad things about Jews, and got fired. And like most Americans, she reacted to the false allegations by backing down, as shown in the following interview:

`I say to the Israelis, "Get out of people’s homes!" It’s unacceptable to have soldiers knocking on a door at three in the morning and saying, ‘This is my home.’ And forcing people out of homes they’ve lived in for centuries? What is this? How can anybody accept it? I mean, Jewish-only roads? [She later corrected herself to say Israeli-only roads.] Would anyone tolerate something like that in America? White-only roads?`

First of all, what's she doing in Playboy? I mean, she doesn't look like Katy Perry. Anyway, she 'corrected' her statement that Israel maintains Jewish-only roads. But there's nothing to correct. Any Jew, from anywhere in the world, can drive on those roads, and people of other races cannot. So why is she apologising? Why are liberal opponents of Zionism afraid of using the J-word, even when it's appropriate? Clearly, there's too much fear of being anti-semitic. We need to overcome this weakness. What the left tells us about 'white racism' and so on is the opposite of the truth, and serves the interests of Zionism. 


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