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Harry Haller's Records (For Madmen Only)... by HarryHaller (01/20/10)       ⇌ (Harry Haller's Records (For Madmen Only))       

Wed Jan 20 2010 02:03
It's a bit ironic that this "Black Tea Society" feels comfortable lecturing people on "fascist action," given that their tactics of disruption are disturbingly similar to the tactics of the Sturmabteilungen in the early 1930's: disrupting the meetings and gatherings of political opponents in undisguised efforts to menace and silence them.

Then again, no one has ever expected a bunch of preening antifa poseurs to evince even the barest indication that they're aware of historical precedent. Their sneering attitude toward free speech, moreover, is far more revealing than they're probably aware.

The Pacifica Forum is a nasty, disgusting group of attention-craving white power freaks led by some dusty old mummy in a wheelchair. For their part, these "Black Tea Society" kids amount to little more than a smug and self-righteous pack of bandwagon jumpers who fancy themselves "revolutionary" and who don't give a whit about the Bill of Rights when it doesn't suit them and evidently have no problem emulating the time-tested tactics of the very Nazis they're ostensibly opposed to.

ASUO to prepare response to Pacifica


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