Haaretz and the Holocaust by Jay Knott (04/14/10)       ⇌ (War crimes)       

Haaretz is Israel's leading liberal newspaper. It often reveals war crimes and criticizes chutzpah. The following article, though, is a glaring example of the peculiar blindness of Zionism. It argues that white guilt has been one of the main reasons for Western support for the Jewish state, that this is perfectly OK, and that it won't last for ever. It raises the refrain that the Allies didn't try to stop 'the' Holocaust without mentioning that that was because they were too busy causing another one. It moans that the 'Nazi death machine' was killing thousands of Jews at Auschwitz, while the US air raids nearby weren't stopping this crime by bombing railroads. Obviously, these air raids were part of the 'Allied death machine', but it doesn't even occur to the author of this article to point this out.

"They did not bomb, even once, the railroad lines leading to the gas chambers and crematoria or the death camp itself, although there were thousands of air raids and tens of thousands of bombs dropped near Auschwitz while the Nazi death machine was killing and burning the bodies of 12,000 Jews each day."



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