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From the Sharpeville Massacre to the murder of Terre`Blanche by Jay Knott (03/20/10)       ⇌ (South Africa)       

In case anyone forgets, this story about Sharpeville in 1960 explains why black South Africans may get a little worked up from time to time.


However, singing 'Shoot the Boer' and murdering traditional white leaders is not nice, and, more importantly, may affect the upcoming World Cup.

Look at this quote from FW de Klerk, South Africa's last white president: "It remains to be seen whether the 'shoot the boer' song played a role in Mr Terre`Blanche's murder, However at the very least it may have contributed to an atmosphere in which impressionable young black farm workers might have felt that their actions were somehow justified."


'Contributed to an atmosphere' sounds strangely familiar - it is the kind of argument used by the PC left in America. They argue you cannot use certain kinds of arguments, such as a link between race and intelligence, because they might inspire violence or even diminish our sense of safety and diversity. But de Klerk is no leftist, and his words are carefully chosen to ease friction rather than take advantage of it.


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