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Freedom of speech and anti-semitism by Jay Knott (10/08/09)       ⇌ (Zionist opposition to freedom of speech)       

The following two pages illustrate my contention that we need freedom of speech and should not be afraid of being accused of anti-semitism. The fact that I've been banned from a couple of sites for saying this also illustrates it, in my opinion. The first article, from Palestine Think Tank, is an examination of the role of Jews in one of the great disasters caused by the Soviet government in the nineteen-thirties - the Ukrainian famine. I always believed it was the Bolsheviks trying to seize food to feed the cities, and the kulaks (relatively well-off peasants) destroying their produce rather than hand it over, plus botched collectivization, which explained the disaster - a materialist explanation. There are writers who beg to differ. They say ethnic conflict had something to do with it too. Bravo, Palestine Think Tank, for publishing a 'dodgy' article, and running the risk of being denounced as anti-semitic. I still lean toward my original materialist position - but no hypothesis is final. To paraphrase James Watson, science and history do not exist to give us a warm fuzzy feeling.


The second page is a reply to the above, and although it yells 'Nazi propaganda', and gets quite heated, it contains some coherent comments:



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