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Forum's foes' fictions fail: fight for freedom forges forward (not) by Jay Knott (01/28/10)       ⇌ (The Mass Psychology Pamphlet)       

The question of free speech on campus is a thorny one. Pacifica Forum is supposedly testing this issue. In the first video below, from the City Club in Eugene, an academic alleges that the Forum displays swastikas and celebrates the mass murder of Jews, gypsies and gays, and this constitutes intimidation, and is therefore not covered by the First Amendment.

The second video shows a religious nut calling a woman a 'whore' on a campus. Some are arguing that this is hate speech, not free speech, so it should be stopped. Pacifica Forum's opponents are hypocrites. The only people who have called anyone a 'whore' have been protestors against the Forum. The only hate has come from the Anti-Hate Task Force. The only defamation has come from the Anti-Defamation League. And the only threats have come from anti-fascists.


March 11: now the Faculty Senate has passed a stronger anti-Pacifica resolution.


February 11: apparently, the University of Oregon Student Union Senate has passed another 'anti-Pacifica' resolution, but it is not clear what it says. The senators seem to have believed false allegations of 'anti-Semitism' against the Forum's founder, Orval Etter, put about by a local Zionist:


Early in the morning on February 4th, the Senate passed a vague anti-Pacifica resolution. Oregon Commentator is the best source for information. The resolution says, among other things:

'Whereas, recent comments and actions by members of the Pacifica Forum have degraded many students on this campus... encourages students to stand in solidarity against the views and actions of members of the Pacifica Forum...'

Unfortunately, the resolution doesn't specify which 'comments and actions' students are supposed to stand in solidarity against, not what 'degraded' means. The Pacifica Forum doesn't have members, but it does have some regular attendees and speakers. Students are encouraged to 'stand in solidarity' against these individuals' 'views and actions'. It's like they want to attack academic freedom, but don't have the temerity to do so. A typical, meaningless compromise.

Late at night on 27 January 2010, the Senate voted down a resolution to ask Pacifica Forum to leave the campus.

For the time being, academic freedom has been upheld, but you know what they say about eternal vigilance. The pc lefty mob will be back with their lies about not feeling safe...

Examples of these lies are all over the place, but here is a particularly egregious example:


'We need to demonstrate to the Forum the seriousness of their rape threats' - doesn't it occur to these red guards how serious some of their allegations are?

"A white supremacist walked up to a female protester and threatened her by saying, `You women better watch out because you’re all weak. You better not go out at night anymore.`" - the falsehood that the Forum is 'white supremacist' is implied, but those making these claims have been unwilling to provide evidence, and have not reported them to the Eugene police.

Worst of all, one of the student leaders "has had blogs posted with her full name on Pacifica’s Web site" - true - but as soon as it was requested, her name was REMOVED from this site. They complain that friends of the Forum are taking their pictures, and claim this endangers them. But it is anti-fascists who have published their critics' names and photographs (left-wing critics, not 'white supremacists'), made statements like "If an average person should kick one of their asses, we should applaud" - palestinethinktank.com/2008/05/22/the-mass-psychology-of-anti-fascism/#comment-10657 - and deleted our attempts to defend ourselves. We, on the other hand, respond to requests, allow our critics to write on this blog, and link even to the $PLC, so free-speechy are we. The chutzpah of our opponents is breathtaking.

It goes on. America has a long history of student politicians using left-wing 'theory' to attack the First Amendment, which was, after all, written by white slave-owners (actual argument used in the debate - see www.oregoncommentator.com). A critique of some of this theory can be found here: http://pacificaforum.org/critical-race-theory---a-critique

The older Pacifica Forum regulars find it hard to understand the depths of dishonesty and hypocrisy of their persecutors. The best way I can explain it, is imagine if Mao Zedong had married Golda Meir. These are their children.

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