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Edward O. Wilson, founder of Sociobiology, goes soft by Jay Knott (03/18/12)       ⇌ (Darwinism)       

Edward O. Wilson is the founder of 'Sociobiology', the ambitious attempt to raise the umbrella of hard science over the study of human culture. It has been an uphill struggle. In the seventies, Wilson and colleagues were called 'fascists' for trying to reduce society to genetics, and had buckets of water thrown over them by politically correct student activists.

Nevertheless, the field has gradually grown, under the label 'evolutionary psychology'.

In order to survive in adademia, evolutionary psychologists mostly pay dues to political correctness - witness their craven abandoment of their colleague, Kevin MacDonald, when he was criticized by a Jewish left-wing journalist:


Scientists know what happened to James Watson, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, when he dared suggest that maybe, just maybe, there is a correlation between race and intelligence. He is undoubtedly the greatest living biologist. Only Darwin, Mendel, and his co-discoverer Crick, can hold a candle to him - and they are dead. Still, he was fired, and hardly anyone defended him.

Wilson's 1999 'Consilience' continued the trend of scientists appeasing Stalinists. Toward the end, it accepted the theory of unprecedented anthropogenic global warming as fact, used the term 'scientific consensus', defended 'ecology' as a science, payed homage to Malthusianism ('Rwanda is a microcosm of the world'), and, in short, prostituted science to fashion. 

Here's an earlier piece by me, making the connection between the 20th century academic left and the 19th century religious right:




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