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Defying anti-fascist harrassment by tomtom (07/26/09)       ⇌ (David Irving Meeting)       

One of Julian's stickers

Julian Lee, a resident of North West Portland, has been harrassed by Anti-Racist Action, who describe him on the web and on posters near his home as 'Nazi Trash', and encourage his neighbors to physically attack him, because he posts stickers in his neighborhood which oppose illegal immigration. My point is not to defend Lee's politics, but stopping Mexicans crossing the border isn't Nazism. Anti-racists only see three categories. There are Nazis, Anti-racists who combat the Nazis, and Liberals, who believe in pathetic ideas like freedom of speech, and so are incapable of combatting the Nazis. Oh, and 'Nazi-enablers'. I'm one of those, apparently.



Look at this youtube video. I like how Julian stands up to the Antifa bullies. In dealing with bullies I have found the best method is to stand up and not back down Most bullies are cowards and because of that they respect people with courage. 
I remember when I was about 10 years old being taught by my mother to not let people push me around. Stand your ground and fight back. At the time she said this I did not know what to make of it because I was in a peaceful school and neighborhood. Everything was cool. What was more weird was it was coming from my mom who was a peaceful Christian lady and I am sure she had never even been close to being in a fight in her life being that she grew up in rural Minnesota. 
We moved to outside Chicago when I was in the 7th grade. I was very short and about 85 pounds. I was picked on by one bully that pushed me into the wall. I stood my ground and fought him back. My mom told me to fight back but she never instructed me on how to fight. As a result I ended up with two black eyes. However: I did get the respect of the bully and he never bothered me again. I was in a few more fights with other bullies and some I won and even if I lost I had their respect. 
I do not know if the Antifa has even a high of a mental quality of an 8th grade bully. Maybe they do not but I am sure not going to give an inch to them.





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