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Cutting out the Mittelman - reply to a Jewish anarchist by Jay Knott (04/23/10)       ⇌ (Hannukah Massacre)       

An article on Indymedia informs us of the protest against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee at the Mittelman Center in Portland, and the tension between this protest and a meeting of Anti-Racist Action:

I am also deeply saddened that these wingnut Judeophobes are among the most visible advocates of Palestinian liberation in Portland. I spoke with several allies who did not want to protest AIPAC because they knew a bunch of creeps would be there.


These 'allies' didn't know 'a bunch of creeps' would be there. But they gratefully accepted that information without checking its accuracy - much better not to protest against AIPAC than run the risk of being seen with 'wingnuts'! The writer of the above comment respects people who won't oppose Israel dropping phosphorus bombs on children using our dollars, because there may be 'Judeophobes' at the protest. In other words, she listens to people who think that the feelings of rich American Jews are more important than the lives of Palestinians. 'Judeophobes are among the most visible advocates of Palestinian liberation in Portland' - this isn't true. But suppose it were? What would a Palestinian think of these 'Judeophobes' who support their liberation? Well, obviously, they'd take the high moral ground. Better dead than politically incorrect!

For me, I can only say this weekend continued the process of confirming my perspective, and that of Gilad Atzmon and other great anti-Zionists. Obsession with 'fascists' and 'anti-Semites' is incompatible with combating Zionism. You can't 'fight bigotry on two fronts'. Being a bit annoyed by Jewish power in the USA, which we are, is not comparable with the genocidal aims of the state which this power supports.

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