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British extreme right supports Israel by Jay Knott (09/06/09)       ⇌ (The Mass Psychology Pamphlet)       


10-24-09: Nick Griffin, leader of the far-right British National Party, appeared on the BBC. The media is attacking him. Here is his defense: "I have brought the BNP from being, frankly, an anti-semitic and racist organisation into being the only political party which, in the clashes between Israel and Gaza, stood full square behind Israel's right to deal with Hamas terrorists."

This is what I argued in my 'Mass Psychology' pamphlet of a year ago the extreme right in Britain became fervent supporters of Israel when they GAVE UP anti-semitism, and became anti-Muslim instead. Here is an attempt to discredit Griffin:


'In 1996, he accused British airmen of "mass murder" in the bombing of Nazi Germany'.

Griffin has now abandoned this obvious, but inconvenient, position. He no longer accuses the Allies of mass murder, and he enthusiastically supports Jews killing children. The abandonment of anti-semitism has hardly been an improvement.  The left's attempts to avoid such inconvenient truths are triumphs of ingenuity:



This site is one of the most articulate defenders of the view that Jews shouldn't support Zionism because it is somehow anti-semitic. The fact that these right-wing white hooligans are waving the flag of Israel is supposedly evidence of this.

I've tried to argue this point in the comments on their site - my comments, however moderately written, always get deleted. Mary at http://palestinethinktank.com tells me they always delete her comments too and subject her to abuse. We touch raw nerves.


PS. My post at Jews Sans Frontieres is still deleted, but they have explained why they deleted it:

I don't know who deleted your comment, but I sure don't have a problem with that and will continue to delete your white supremacist cant. The post you "criticized" has links and quotes to African American activists, who, unlike you, understand that there's more to the world's problems than Jews. It was published in Pambazuka, a Pan African liberation website, that, again unlike you, understand that Durban was not primarily about Israel. I am sorry that it hurts so much, but you are white. Glad that you found a way to avoid taking responsibility for white domination by blaming "the Jews".

These 'Jews Against Zionism' play nearly every race card in the deck. They claim, as support for their views, that some black people agree with them. They say I am wrong because I am white. The only ethnicity missing is their own. Gilad Atzmon is so right about the 'anti-Zionist' Jewish left. They had me fooled. Not any more.



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