Anti-fascism isn't working by Jay Knott (08/28/09)       ⇌ (The Mass Psychology Pamphlet)

These anti-fascists are more subtle that their counterparts in the North Western USA.

At least they recognize that

    'Marching into an area that you do not know and have no continuing interest in and shouting what’s right for that area is alienating and counter-productive. People do not like being told what’s best for them and will kick back against or simply ignore this sort of activity.'

This recognizes something the German left group Wildcat argued about twenty years ago regarding anti-fascists marching into poor areas: 'a punitive expedition of people with a superior morality'.

If you really want to oppose extreme right-wing ideas, it's no good shouting insults and threats: you have to engage those who believe these ideas in dialog. You have to be prepared to listen.

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