Another fake hate crime? by Jay Knott (10/13/12)       ⇌ (Exaggeration of Hate Crimes)       

Anti-Racist Action informs us that a rock has been thrown through a window in Portland with a negative message about their group on it. Likely as not, it's yet another fake. There are hundreds of these every year. I mention a few in

In January 2010, the Lesbian & Gay center at the University of Oregon had a swastika painted on its carpet, at the height of the campaign to evict Pacifica Forum from the campus. 

Someone on Indymedia points out that I, Jay, have not denied throwing the rock through the window. Apart from the fact that I was thousands of miles away at the time, it is also true that I have not denied assassinating JFK.


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...and another? (10/24/12) by Jay Knott: 20-year-old black Louisiana woman Sharmeka Moffitt claimed she was doused in lighter fluid and then severely burned by three men wearing white hooded sweatshirts while walking through a park on Sunday night. Turns out she did it...