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An uncharacteristically uncritical article on 'Counterpunch' by Jay Knott (10/20/11)       ⇌ (Ethnic Studies)       

...about 'white privilege'. The editors of the website Counterpunch, Cockburn and St. Clair, are like George Orwell in the thirties - leftists, but by no means party hacks. Still, they published this, although the article expresses the racial prejudice which makes the left so weak on Zionism:


"There is a need to address white privilege within the movement in a way that seeks the overall transformation of the movement by abolishing white privilege through struggle and the development of a praxis that builds a deeper humanity starting today."


As I pointed out in an article on Dissident Voice:

1. The open advocacy of white power – in any country – is taboo – no politician in the world does it
2. The open advocacy of Jewish power – in Israel – is mandatory for all Western politicians
3. The Western countries boycotted, and caused the end of, white apartheid, thirty years ago
4. The Western countries support Jewish apartheid today, uncritically and very expensively
5. Desmond Tutu has stated that Israeli policies are at least as bad as apartheid
6. Apartheid South Africa fought for US interests against Soviet-backed forces
7. Apartheid Israel has never fought for US interests
8. There has been no violence against Jews in any Western country for sixty-five years – unless you count Palestinian resistance, which is the result of Jewish supremacy
9. When US colleges, co-operatives and other bodies initiated a boycott of South Africa over thirty years ago, no white supremacists tried to stop them
10. When, today, US colleges, co-operatives and other bodies tentatively discuss a boycott of Israel today, right-wing Jewish activists issue lawsuits and stage protests, and left-wing Jewish activists try to undermine their efforts from within, complaining of ‘oppression’ and ‘anti-Semitism’

I could expand that remark about 'left-wing Jewish activists' to include a description of how 'whiteness theory' and the like, taught to students around the country, explicitly denies the existence of Jewish ethnocentrism, concentrating on the much less important problem of 'white supremacy':





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