A tale of two Gilads by Jay Knott (10/18/11)       ⇌ (Gilad)       

Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit has just been released from custody by Hamas after five years.

In return, 1,027 Palestinian prisoners were released by Israel. So that makes 1,028 prisoners released. But we only know the name of one of them: Gilad Shalit. His story is all over the media - he is not only a hero in Israel, he is an international celebrity. In contrast, we aren't told the names of any of the 1,027 Palestinian prisoners, their stories, their families, etc..

However, the US government did express 'concern' about some of the Palestinian prisoners. Concern that they were released.

Luckily, another Gilad from Israel is also making the news. He is giving us some clues about how to free ourselves from the pro-Jewish bias in our culture, the bias that drains the economies of all the other Western countries to support one of them:



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